Shoulder/Mid-back Pain

I had been dealing with shoulder pain for 2 weeks after a sports injury. I went to Dr. Blake the Friday morning after I could only swing the bat at 80% the night before. Dr. Blake mentioned that where my neck was out of whack can sometimes lead to shoulder inflammation and pain; so he adjusted my neck. Like magic, I was 100% by game time that night. I was also able to play 6 games in a tournament that weekend and played some of the best ball of my life. What ice, cortisone and ibuprofen had been unable to fix for 2 weeks, Dr. Blake cured in 10 minutes. Huge relief! THANKS!!!

Male, 30


I noticed improvement maybe after the first visit! I appreciate how Dr. Wayson is willing to help me understand what he is doing. It helps me take responsibility for my own health. Dr. Wayson & his staff are very personable, also, which makes the whole experience positive.

Female, 22


I was referred by Dr. Abernathy, a neurosurgeon, for pinched nerves in my upper back and numb legs. I noticed improvement with Dr. Wayson in 1-2 weeks! You won’t believe what he can help you with. I was receiving cortisone shots until my visit with Dr. Blake.

Male, 39

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