Three years ago I suddenly started having debilitating neck pain. The MRI showed a lot of arthritis and a bulging disc in my neck. The neurologist said that it was bad, but not bad enough for surgery. My heart sank. However, the neurologist strongly recommended that I see Dr. Blake. After my first appointment, my pain became manageable and disappeared after the second appointment. Before this experience I was a bit weary of the idea of chiropractors, but the staff at Wayson Family Chiropractic made me feel at ease. Dr. Blake’s professionalism and excellent results have made me a fan. Now, after three years, I have no symptoms and have a full range of motion in my neck. I know that I’m not “cured” of my arthritis and bulging disc, but I am grateful to be able to avoid surgery and strong medications, and to be symptom free after starting regular chiropractic care with Dr. Blake. I always recommend this place to my friends and colleagues.

Male, 51


My health concern is my arthritis and pinched nerve in my left shoulder, with very intense pain. Dr. Wayson helped me within 3 weeks. Dr. Wayson and his staff are very caring and want to help always!

Female, 84


I have chronic headaches/neck pain /SI joint pain. I have osteoporosis so I need optimal health as far as related to skeletal matters. I noticed marked improvement first week and I have seen a chiropractor (different method) on a regular basis.

Female, 58

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