Headaches/Neck Pain

A few months ago, I started having horrible headaches. They left me unable to sleep, exercise, and focus, but worst of all they left me in a considerable amount of pain. I attributed most of it to the stress of finals but it wasn’t until my symptoms became more severe that I went to the doctor. After that first visit, I was shuffled from one doctor to another until I ended up at a neurologist. I went through all of his tests and even had an MRI. His conclusion was tension headaches. I took the prescribed medication everyday but my symptoms were not getting any better. Every time I would return to his office I would explain that my headaches were getting worse so he would give me a new medication and send me on my way. I could no longer practice because of the pain and I was beyond frustrated that it seemed no one cared enough to figure out what was wrong. This is when our athletic trainer recommended I see a chiropractor and I was skeptical to say the least. Yet after just one visit with Dr. Wayson, I could already tell something was working and today I am pleased to say I am headache free and off all medications! The care I received from all of the staff at Wayson Family Chiropractic was amazing. I never felt like my symptoms were being ignored and I left his office feeling better and better after every visit. My only wish is that I would have seen him sooner!

Female, 21


I would (and have) recommended Dr. Wayson to family and friends. The relief to my back and neck makes a HUGE difference in the quality of my life.

Female, 45


Almost immediately the number of headaches/migraines reduced about 80%! I went to a different chiropractic several years ago, but was not impressed so I searced for a different one this fall. I am very happy I chose Wayson! Friendly and great information!

Female, 29


I like and appreciate the care that I receive. Great attitude! Very personable! I have recommended the office others!



I have been to other DC’s and never had the relief I have had with the Gonstead method. I noticed improvement right away and was pain-free after the 3rd visit!

Male, 74


I have been going to Chiropractors for years and this is the 1st time I can say I feel 100% better. I noticed improvement after the 1st visit and would definitely recommend your office to others.

Female, 28


I was very impressed with Dr. Blake Wayson’s concern and calming personality. I noticed improvement after the first visit and was great after the 2nd adjustment. I would recommend him to anyone!

Female, 78


I have been to other Chiropractors before and I seemed to never get better. After seeing Dr. Wayson my symptoms have improved immensely, I noticed improvement after the first visit!

Female, 31


I sought out Wayson Family Chiropractic after dealing with migraines. Dr. Blake is knowledgeable in all areas of his practice and offers guidance. I haven’t had a migraine since seeing Dr. Blake!! I recommend Wayson Family Chiropractic to anyone and everyone! Best in the Cedar Valley!!

Female, 29

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