Athlete and Sports Care


Our doctors are team Chiropractors for the University of Northern Iowa. During the football season Dr. Thad or Dr. Blake travel with the team and are on the sidelines in case Chiropractic is needed before, during, or after the game. Wayson Family Chiropractic also cares for other UNI, high school and area collegiate athletes from various sports including: mens and womens basketball, volleyball, swimming, soccer, and softball. Local high school athletes have also benefited from care, especially during their sport season. We have also cared for many runners & marathoners in our office, checking knees and feet for proper running gait.

Chiropractic is highly beneficial for all athletes. Due to the stressful nature of sporting activities most athletes find it highly beneficial to be checked regularly by a Chiropractor to ensure proper nervous system function and to promote flexibility and prevention of injuries. With the use of the Gonstead system of Chiropractic our office is tailor-made to care for athletes of all ages by addressing their specific problem and helping them obtain optimum performance levels.

sports-careHere is a quote from Wartburg’s Head Athletic Trainer

“Dr. Blake has been a vital asset in keeping our players healthy and on the field.”
-Ryan Callahan, Wartburg Head Athletic Trainer & Former UNI Football Athletic Trainer

Give our office a call to see how you or your child’s athletic performance could benefit from a specific Gonstead Chiropractic adjustment.


Our office uses the Gonstead system of Chiropractic, which continues to be the gold standard in hands-on Chiropractic care. With thorough analysis and great care we will specifically locate, and gently correct your problem in a timely manner.


Wayson Family Chiropractic strives to provide Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas with honest and conservative health care.


Patients who enter our office will be greeted by a friendly and warm environment. You will receive our best every visit and we promise to be thorough in detecting and correcting your problem. Patients are educated on the origin of their problem and how it can be best prevented in the future.


Our office offers hands-on Chiropractic care along with nutritional counseling and specific exercises to improve your condition.