First Visit

By scheduling your first visit, you’re taking an exciting step toward better health. Specific Chiropractic Care (See ‘The Gonstead System’ under the “Educate Yourself” link) is different, as it offers one of the best ways to get well & stay well in a timely fashion. So, there’s hope… for a variety of conditions! After completing brief paperwork, you will meet with the doctor who will get to know you & the purpose for your visit. After learning how specific chiropractic care can help you, you’ll continue with your appointment & join millions who have enjoyed better health – without drugs or surgery!

Our Doctors will use a very sensitive heat reading instrument, called a nervoscope, to detect any inflammation or heat changes caused by a misaligned vertebrae or an irritated spinal nerve. This instrument is not used to adjust, just one of the tools the doctor uses to specifically find YOUR problem area(s).



Motion and static palpation will be conducted on every segment of your spinal column and pelvis. This helps the doctor detect loss of normal range of motion and localized swelling or tenderness. He also visualizes your spine, edema in the soft tissue around your spine, your posture, stance and gait to help determine the exact problem area(s) causing your symptoms.





X-rays will give the doctor the final analysis of your spinal column and pelvis, showing the quality of your spinal conditions and the specific direction of any misalignments present.



If a subluxation is detected, the doctor will perform a specific adjustment with a gentle thrust, using very specific hand contacts on predetermined points to allow restoration of nerve function. With the irritation & swelling removed from the nerve, you should gradually feel relief of pain and symptoms that brought you to our office as your body begins to heal. Healing takes time, but you are most definitely in the right place at WFC!




Nervous about how your little one will feel about having their first chiropractic visit?

We offer a warm, gentle environment with simple ways to

explain how an adjustment will help them feel their best.

Dr. Sara has a special interest in caring for females, children and babies. Here is a sneak peak of her room,

with chiropractic toys and a giraffe table that will making climbing up for an adjustment fun and easy!