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I started having numbness down the top and inside of my left leg. I was having groin pain standing up straight. I am a healthcare worker and am on my feet my entire shift. I had been skeptical of chiropractic care in the past. I took a chance on Wayson Chiropractic. I found them online. I did not want anymore cortisone injections which I recently had for other issues and I certainly wasn’t in favor of surgery. After meeting with and even the first few treatments with Dr. Thad Fever, I am regaining feeling in my leg and can stand up straight without pain. The staff is courteous, warm and welcoming. I highly recommend Wayson Chiropractic and Dr. Thad Fever to all my family, friends and coworkers.



I am not a patient at Wayson Family Chiropractic but I was submitting a review in regards to one of my friends who is a patient there! She went to Wayson Family Chiropractic for back pain. She saw Dr. Thad Fever and after her first visit, the first thing she had said was “I LOVE MY DOCTOR!” and moments later, proceeded to talk about what she had learned and how she is already feeling relief. She is normally very skeptic about going to doctors and feels that most doctors treat you as a number. She considers Dr. Thad her friend now and it is amazing to see the relationship she has built with him. I want to thank the staff at Wayson Family Chiropractic for making her feel like she is in the right place at the right time! God Bless you ALL! Thank you!!



I was hit by a car while riding my bike. I fell on my right side hard enough to tear both rotator cuffs and sustain a moderate concussion, and every part of my body was affected – especially my spine and joints. I began experiencing numbness in my legs in addition to pain throughout my entire body. I began receiving care by the neurology department at Mayo Clinic, but they could not find any solution to the numbness in my legs. I had heard many good things about Dr. Wayson and decided to try chiropractic as a last resort. After the very first adjustment, I could feel the circulation returning to my legs, and in a few short weeks my body felt pain-free! During the first visit, I was very impressed with the technology Dr. Wayson used – digital x-rays that were so clear he could easily measure and pinpoint the exact reasons I was having so many problems. I have never taken time to review a doctor before, but Dr. Wayson and the entire staff at Wayson Family Chiropractic are exceptional! Dr. Wayson is very professional, caring, and results-oriented! I now tell everyone I meet about Wayson Family Chiropractic!

Female, 52


After being an active, healthy person engaged in a very physical job, my health started declining. Within a few weeks I was short of breath and was in the ER for breathing difficulties and possible cardiac problems. Various inhalers and medication were prescribed but with little positive effects. My son was a patient of Dr. Blake’s and he described my health issues. Dr. Blake thought he could help me so I made an appointment. He was very thorough in his diagnosis. During that first appointment, he made an adjustment and later that day I felt like I was breathing pure oxygen. I continued to improve to where my life is back to normal. I continue to have monthly appointments for maintenance. I’m very grateful to Dr. Blake for helping me become healthy and active again.

Female, 61


A friend of mine went to Wayson Family Chiropractic for back pain. She saw Dr. Thad Fever and after her first visit, the first thing she said was, “I LOVE my doctor!” She proceeded to talk about what she had learned and how she is already feeling relief. She is normally very skeptic about going to doctors and feels they treat her as a number, but she has built a great relationship with Dr. Thad. I want to thank the staff at Wayson Family Chiropractic for making her feel like she is in the right place at the right time! God Bless you all!



Awesome. Have referred many friends to Blake and every single one was very impressed with results. My husband and I have gone here for years. Great demeanor and amazing results!!

Female, 33


Great results! Very welcoming and professional! Would recommend Blake Wayson to EVERYONE!

Female, 34


Chiropractic has changed our family’s life. Dr. Blake is genuine in his care and gifted with the ability to find your problem, adjust you specifically and get you better fast! Our kids were adjusted by Dr. Blake as newborns, and Wayson Family Chiropractic is definitely our whole family’s first stop for care. The whole experience at Wayson Family Chiropractic is a positive one and the results are amazing. Thank you Dr. Blake and staff!!

Female, 32


Dear Dr. Blake,
I am writing this letter in an attempt to convey my appreciation for your professionalism and care of my well being. My hope is that I can encourage someone else to take a step to better health through your chiropractic services.

I have always pictured myself as an active and healthy person. I was involved in athletics growing up and have continued to participate in various sports and events as an adult. Over the course of four years in my late twenties, I gradually went from an uncomfortable lower back to pain that would not allow me to even weed my garden. I naively thought that if I only gave it time, my body would adjust and I would be fine. I was wrong.

About 3 years ago, I had such a strain in my neck that I could barely drive or attend to my children. have no other ideas, I broke down and went to a chiropractor in a different area. My acute pain was soon resolved. However, I was shocked at the doctor’s diagnosis. I was sent away with a grim outlook on the condition of my lower spine and a prescription for future visits that would cost my family a small fortune within one year. Needless to say, I was very discourage and when our family relocated to Cedar Falls, I quickly discarded that doctor’s advice and stopped my chiropractic care.

About 18 months late, I was back where I had started with my lower back. I was unable to lift my children, I could no longer bend over without severe pain, and I began to sit on the sidelines while my husband played with our children. I knew that at 32 years of age, there had to be something that could help me.

One morning, as I was sharing my despair with my mother, she told me about your office. She was very impressed with you and your entire staff. She felt that it would be worth my time and effort to have an initial consultation with you.

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I entered your doors. My past experience with chiropractic care had tainted my view on that area of health care. However, I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. I appreciated your casual approach in talking through my history and my current condition. I was also impressed that you were able to take my x-rays, read the results and give me my first adjustment all in the first visit. All of those things showed me that you valued my time and health.

Though these things were important to me , there are two key components that have kept me coming back. One is your warm and welcoming environment that is truly family friendly. I feel comfortable bringing all three of my children in and they are more than content coming to my appointment or staying in your wee-equipped waiting area. The second is that your method of care had restored my physical health. I no longer experience headaches and back pain. I am able to do all of my previous activities and have felt an overall sense of better health. All this has been accomplished in less than two months at what I consider a reasonable cost of care. I am currently scheduling appointment once a month for my own peace of mind. I do not want to regress in my health and am choosing to stay on top of any small issues that can be taken care of quickly.

Than you for your professional and sincere concern for my overall health. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my personal experience with your chiropractic office. I will refer everyone who is having problems with their health to Wayson Family Chiropractic. My God bless your work, practice and every patient that enters into your care.



Blake made me a believer of chiropractic after 30+ years of pain! His level of expertise and kind manner make it easy to keep coming back.

Male, 33


I have been using Wayson Family Chiropractic’s services for over 2 years. Easy to make an appointment, good service,and likable staff makes a good combination.

Female, 43


I first went to see Blake after I had been in a car accident 3 years ago. I had never seen a chiropractor before that, so I was a bit nervous. But he helped to make my lower back feel better than before my accident! Then after I had found out I was pregnant, he helped to alleviate my nausea in the beginning and the stress of my belly on my back at the end. Now he’s adjusting my month-old son to help with [his] gassy tummy and extra fluid in his ears. Blake takes great care of my family, and I would highly suggest him to take care of anyone’s family! 🙂

Female, 23


Dr. Blake Wayson is the real deal. I was referred to him by Dr. Tyler Molstre of True Life Wellness in Waukee (originally from my hometown of Fairbank). Blake (as he prefers to be called) fixed my neck which had bothered [me] for several years prior to seeing him. He also realigned a couple problem areas in my back. Now my son, brother, and mother all see him regularly. He made believers out of them too! Highly recommended!

Male, 37


Your office is very professional and personal, as well as knowledgeable in sharing Chiropractic terms and advice. I would definitely recommend your office to others.

Male, 58

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