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In 2014, I was playing soccer for Wartburg College when I got a concussion. When I got my concussion, my neck got whipped back and I was knocked unconscious. After following the concussion protocols I was cleared to play in a game about a week later. However, each time I went to play a game, I would get nauseous and throw up. During my sophomore season I had neck pain and would throw up before and during each game I played. I went to various doctors and they could not explain this unusual case.

During my junior year, the neck problems were back and I was throwing up before and during games again. My head trainer suggested I see a chiropractor and I came to visit Dr. Blake Wayson in Cedar Falls. He found that my neck had been out of place since my initial concussion during my sophomore soccer season. After about three appointments, I came back to Dr. Blake and he said my neck was back to normal. I went back to playing soccer and no longer vomit before and after games, and my neck pain is gone.

I honestly did not expect to have my problems fixed by going to a chiropractor but I am thankful for Dr. Blake and would recommend him to anyone I know.

Male, 21


As an athlete, having my body in proper working order is a must. I went in to see Dr. Wayson with reoccurring neck pain that was making training almost unbearable. After talking the issue over and identifying the structural issue, he quickly had me back in top form. I will continue to go there to make sure I stay that way, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a knowledgeable chiropractor.

Male, 28


Blake is the best chiropractor in the Cedar Valley! I power lift, which takes a toll on my body, but haven’t missed a workout because Blake always adjusts me back to where I need to be! Highly recommended!!!

Male, 32

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