Craniosacral Fascial Technique (CFT)

Craniosacral Fascial Technique (CFT) was created by Barry Gillespie as a hands-on body work that combines Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial release. His philosophy is that the craniosacral system (the skull, spine, and pelvis) and the fascial system (all the connective tissues in the body) are not separate, but one interconnected system in our bodies. Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) pumps through our craniosacral system nourishing, detoxifying, and providing shock absorption to our nervous system. The fascial system connects to the spine and skull and they are intimately connected. Just like the white pith covering an orange after you’ve peeled it, your fascia is the connective tissue which wraps around every organ, gland, muscle, & nerve to hold their form. Damage occurs in the fascial system with any trauma, even just the act of being born! If this fascia becomes damaged or strained, it can harden & tighten, causing stress & dysfunction in those areas. It will also disrupt the flow of CSF because of its attachment to our spine, just like the pith attaches to the core of the orange.

Dr. Sara Cahill at Wayson Family Chiropractic is trained and certified in performing CFT bodywork. Dr. Sara will find areas of tightness in the fascia by accessing the craniosacral system & allow your body to guide her in unwinding the fascia for improved overall mobility, organ function, detox, and CSF flow for better nervous system function. She is trained in this technique for infants, kids, and adults. Just as in chiropractic, the better your nervous system functions, the better every other system in the body functions!



CFT is beneficial for all ages with a wide range of benefits for different symptoms:


-poor breastfeeding/oral motor mechanics

-pre and post care for TOTS (tethered oral tissues) revision for better procedure outcomes

-digestive issues (colic, reflux, constipation)

-poor sleep patterns/mouth breathing

-asymmetrical head shape

-strabismus (lazy eye) and other eye mobility issues

-general body rigidity and tightness/discomfort



-allergies and sinus issues

-anxiety, ADHD, other behavioral issues


-recurring ear infection/ear pain

-TMJ pain

-tight, uncomfortable scars

-mouth breathing

-poor sleep

-recurring aches and pains



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*CFT is not designed to diagnose or treat any specific disease or condition*