Success with Children

As a newborn, my baby seemed to be uncomfortable and in pain when trying to pass gas. She arched her back, cried all the time, and would not eat. We could not console her. As new parents, we did not know what to do. Finally at ten weeks old, we decided to bring her to see Dr. Blake. We noticed improvement immediately! She was a completely different baby (happy, content, and could pass gas easily and was eating better). I wish I would have brought her to see Dr. Blake sooner!

Mother of Female, 3 months


Dr. Blake is adjusting my six year old son for bed wetting! After three adjustments, my son is starting to have some dry nights. I had never been to a chiropractor before and Dr. Blake explained everything and made me feel comfortable. After two adjustments, my neck and middle back feel AMAZING! Very pleased with our results! I have been telling everyone about the results and the care from Dr. Blake!!

Female, 30


Growing up my grandfather was a chiropractor so I completely understand how pain free life can be when you begin receiving adjustments as a newborn. My three kids have been lucky enough to have their first adjustments (just days after birth) with Dr. Wayson. Blake’s way with children puts them at ease. From a mother’s standpoint, he is gentle with babies and truly helps them develop properly with regards to digestion and mobility. My daughter had trouble when learning to walk. Eventually we noticed she favored one hip over the other, but after one visit with Dr. Wayson, she was running like a champ! From toy tractors to stickers, a trip to “Dr. Blake’s” is big excitement!

Female, 32


I took my 14 month old son to Dr. Blake because no matter what I tried, he would not sleep through the night and he was also still barely walking and would not take more than 5 steps. Dr. Blake adjusted him and not only did he start sleeping through the night, the first thing he did when we got home was take FORTY steps. His walking and sleeping have completely changed, it is truly amazing. THANK YOU!!!!

Female, 29


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