Overall Satisfaction:

The service I always receive from Wayson is impeccable! They all care about their patients and go above-and-beyond every single time!  Ami R, age 48

On a weekend, I saw a [different] chiropractor in Waterloo because I was unable to walk and in excruciating pain. After three weeks of seeing that chiropractor in Waterloo (seeing him several times a week each week), I was able to walk but was still in a lot of pain. I THEN spoke to Dr. Blake Wayson about the problems I was still experiencing. He said he would do an x-ray and a consultation and suggest treatment. He believed he could do just a couple of adjustments and I would no longer be in pain based on the information I had told him so far, but the consultation with X-ray would confirm that.

I went ahead and saw Dr. Blake Wayson. With just one adjustment, I could feel a difference. I continued to see Dr. Blake and within just a couple more adjustments I was no longer in pain!
Since that time, I was walking my dogs and tripped on the sidewalk. I caused myself that previous pain I had had before and saw Dr. Blake. 1 adjustment and it was back to normal after a day or so from that adjustment.
My husband and kids also see Dr. Blake. They have stories of healing quickly too. Our family trusts Wayson Family Chiropractic completely. Christina, Age 46
Dear Dr. Blake,

I am writing this letter in an attempt to convey my appreciation for your professionalism and care of my well being. My hope is that I can encourage someone else to take a step to better health through your chiropractic services.

I have always pictured myself as an active and healthy person. I was involved in athletics growing up and have continued to participate in various sports and events as an adult. Over the course of four years in my late twenties, I gradually went from an uncomfortable lower back to pain that would not allow me to even weed my garden. I naively thought that if I only gave it time, my body would adjust and I would be fine. I was wrong.

About 3 years ago, I had such a strain in my neck that I could barely drive or attend to my children. have no other ideas, I broke down and went to a chiropractor in a different area. My acute pain was soon resolved. However, I was shocked at the doctor’s diagnosis. I was sent away with a grim outlook on the condition of my lower spine and a prescription for future visits that would cost my family a small fortune within one year. Needless to say, I was very discourage and when our family relocated to Cedar Falls, I quickly discarded that doctor’s advice and stopped my chiropractic care.

About 18 months late, I was back where I had started with my lower back. I was unable to lift my children, I could no longer bend over without severe pain, and I began to sit on the sidelines while my husband played with our children. I knew that at 32 years of age, there had to be something that could help me.

One morning, as I was sharing my despair with my mother, she told me about your office. She was very impressed with you and your entire staff. She felt that it would be worth my time and effort to have an initial consultation with you.

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I entered your doors. My past experience with chiropractic care had tainted my view on that area of health care. However, I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. I appreciated your casual approach in talking through my history and my current condition. I was also impressed that you were able to take my x-rays, read the results and give me my first adjustment all in the first visit. All of those things showed me that you valued my time and health.

Though these things were important to me , there are two key components that have kept me coming back. One is your warm and welcoming environment that is truly family friendly. I feel comfortable bringing all three of my children in and they are more than content coming to my appointment or staying in your wee-equipped waiting area. The second is that your method of care had restored my physical health. I no longer experience headaches and back pain. I am able to do all of my previous activities and have felt an overall sense of better health. All this has been accomplished in less than two months at what I consider a reasonable cost of care. I am currently scheduling appointment once a month for my own peace of mind. I do not want to regress in my health and am choosing to stay on top of any small issues that can be taken care of quickly.

Than you for your professional and sincere concern for my overall health. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my personal experience with your chiropractic office. I will refer everyone who is having problems with their health to Wayson Family Chiropractic. My God bless your work, practice and every patient that enters into your care.

Sincerely, Beth O.

Morning Sickness with Pregnancy:

I had been vomiting at least 4 times a day due to morning sickness. I came to Dr. Wayson for low back pain after being referred through a friend. I was told that [adjustments] could help my morning sickness, and left that day able to eat with no stomach problems! I hadn’t been working, cooking or cleaning prior to care and noticed improvement immediately! Timber M. Age 26


I started coming to Blake after I lost my health insurance. I was having chronic sinus problems, but could no longer afford to go to a [medical] clinic. After meeting Blake through the Waterloo Jaycees he explained how Chiropractic could help alleviate the pain. So I gave it a try. Since I started seeing Blake, I have not needed to go to a clinic for a sinus infection! Every time I feel pressure in my face I make an appointment and it feels better within hours! Thanks Blake!!
Cheryl R., age 28

I am 55 years old and, until a few months ago, had never been to a chiropractor. As you might expect, Dr. Wayson had a bit of “catching up” to do in term s of repairing my various “vertebral subluxations”. Coincidentally, about the time we finished with a series of spinal adjustments, the fall hay fever season was coming into full bloom. I have suffered since I was in my 20′s from environmental allergies, especially from ragweed in the fall and tree pollens in the spring. Like always, as late August rolled around, I stocked up on my expensive prescription medications — antihistamines, nasal sprays and eye drops.

This season, however, the medications seemed to be causing me more aggravation than allergy relief. The antihistamines, uncharacteristically, were causing unpleasant side effects, and the nasal spray was causing sore throats an sinus irritation. So I quit taking the antihistamines first, and a week later I quit taking the nasal spray, and as I write this–even thought it is still in the heart of hay fever season– I am experiencing only the slightest of allergies symptoms, and certainly not enough to require medications.

I remember, at my first visit, that Dr. Wayson said this chronic sinus conditions were greatly relieved when he started getting treated by a chiropractor while still in college. Apparently (I have no other way to explain it), the overall improved health I’m experiencing from the spinal adjustment has had a positive effect on my sinus allergies as well. For the first September in many years I’m sitting here using absolutely no allergy medications and experiencing barely a trace of hay fever symptoms!.

Will my good fortune resume in the spring, when tree pollens normally give me fits over about a 6 week period? I don’t know, but I’m anxious to find out. If so, I’ll be greatly relieved, and very grateful to my chiropractor!
Greg G.

Digestive Disorders:

I battled acid reflux and digestive problems for most of my high school and college years, and after one visit with Dr. Wayson I noticed a huge improvement. The digestive problems made me always feel full and caused heart burn pain. The low back pain disappeared after a couple visits, and after one adjustment for the digestive problems I noticed a huge difference. The heartburn was gone and I was hungry all the time. I suddenly felt like I couldn’t get enough food! If you have a health problem you’ve battled for a long time with no relief, I would look into chiropractic care.
Tim, age 23

Patient : 52 year old Female.
Symptom: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for the past 16 years, greatly affecting daily lifestyle and activity. Been to Mayo Clinic, Iowa City and numerous other Doctors with no results found. Iowa City put her on a fructose-free diet which didn’t greatly affect her condition, but did make her food choices very difficult (fructose is in almost everything).

Outcome: After the 1st adjustment by Dr. Blake, bowel problems stopped immediately and haven’t returned! Her quality of life has changed dramatically and she can now eat whatever she wants without problems. She has even eaten fast food for the first time in years without any problems and has actually lost 3 pounds in a month since her 1st visit to our office, without changing any exercise routine and eating more than normal!

Remember, Chiropractic is about more than just lower back and neck pain! If the nervous system is interference-free, our bodies are able to function at 100%!

I came [to Dr. Blake] for headaches but a side benefit that I never dreamed of was getting rid of IBS. I noticed improvement right away! I never dreamed that having my back adjusted would cure that, but I no longer have problems with that!
Female, age 39


I have sore low back and hips with pregnancy. Also my hands/fingers would tingle & go numb during my massage appts. I noticed improvement right away with Dr. Wayson!
Heather, age 20

Low back / hip / leg pain:

Highly recommend. Life changing appointment. Had been dealing with lower back pain for over 5 years and one simple adjustment changed all that. An X-ray showed that my fifth vertebrae was slightly out of place and after a consultation I was adjusted and immediately felt relief. Absolutely recommend if you’re experiencing any type of back pain. Thank you Wayson!

Tony K, age 33

I am finally free of lower back/hip pain after ¬years of living (or not really living at all) with it. The problems interfered with my daily routine big time and I noticed great improvement after the 2nd visit. I would highly recommend your office to others.
Glenda A, age 58

I just wanted to thank you for helping with my hip and leg pain. I found out about your office and the Gonstead method from a colleague. I first came to you a month ago with hip and leg pain. My main concern was to control the pain I was having and get off the pain medication my family physician had prescribed. I was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t walk farther than 100 feet with out having to stop due to the pain. You collected a history from me. Using a meter that sensors heat you were able to pinpoint exactly which spot was causing my problem. You took x-rays as part of your assessment. With the first adjustment I saw an instant improvement of 50% in the amount of pain I was experiencing. By the second adjustment I saw a decrease in pain of 75%. It got me off the pain killers. I guess you would say I had always been a skeptic when it came to chiropractors. But, I was in so much pain I figured “what the heck, what do I have to lose?” I am so glad I came. I have already recommended you to several people. I also brought my 16 year old daughter who has had back pain off and on for 2-1/2 years in to see you. You helped her with the first adjustment. You are the 4th chiropractor she has seen in 2-1/2 years. She says you were able to figure out from your assessment exactly what she needed. She says you are the best she has seen. This is the most improvement she has seen. Our insurance does not pay for chiropractic services (it should) and I must say you are very affordable. I would have paid more in medications and co-pays to see the family physician plus my pain is better and you can’t put a price tag on that. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks!
From a former skeptic…Rhonda Thompson RN IBCLC

I like the website with info on the Gonstead system. Very professional manner. You can tell Blake really cares about his patients.
Shaun L, age 28

Dr. Wayson has helped my back more than any other Chiropractor in my past. I used to have constant irritation and I noticed improvement after the first adjustment.
David H, age 77

I had gone for help at the pain clinic and neuro doctors and gotten some short term help but not a plan of care that gave relief from my pain on a day to day basis.I really appreciate the non-invasive care that gives me pain free days. I would definitely recommend your office to others.
J.N, age 66

My sciatic nerve and low back pain was relieved after just two appts! Dr. Blake is a very honest professional who informs patient and lets them decide on next appt. … doesn’t force – recommends.
Mary T

I thought I had to live with low back problems all my life. After [my] first visit I received relief. After 8 days low back problem was 75-80% better. After one more visit I have not had any low back problems now for almost 1 year. Blake and the Gonstead Method have changed my life. I no longer have neck problems either. When I do have a flare up I know I can get it fixed in one appointment.
Female, age 39

Carpal Tunnel:

I have carpal tunnel. I had to wear braces all the time even at work. I saw improvement with Dr. Wayson in one week. You couldn’t find a Better Chiropractor!
Peggy S, age 42

I have gone to Dr. Wayson for back problems, but mostly for carpal tunnel. My eyes have been acting fuzzy and not as clear. So I made an eye appointment. I went to Dr. Wayson for my carpal tunel and after my adjustment my eyes were not fuzzy and were clearer. My carpal tunnel is better too! I still went to my eye Dr. appointment. My eyes were improved and instead of going back to the eye Dr. every year, it is now two years. Im’ glad I went to Dr. Wayson first. Dr. Wayson not only helped my carpal tunnel by my eyes too!
Peggy K.

Neck Pain / Headaches:

I had a bad work accident awhile back that required multiple back and foot surgeries. I have seen many doctors, many. Misalignment of your spine can and does affect everything physically, even with my back partially screwed together I decided to check this out. I do a lot of research myself, and coming here has helped me in quite a few ways, walking, pain, even attitude and over all just feeling better…it may take awhile, at least in my case, but it is well worth it.

Sara is an amazing Dr. As well as a great person all around, and very talented. Honestly, she’s the only doctor I look forward to seeing!

Very nice, polite and intelligent people…5 stars all the way.

Jason D, age 46

I would (and have) recommended Dr. Wayson to family and friends. The relief to my back and neck makes a HUGE difference in the quality of my life.
Cindi E, age 45

Almost immediately the number of headaches/migraines reduced about 80%! I went to a different chiropractic several years ago, but was not impressed so I searced for a different one this fall. I am very happy I chose Wayson! Friendly and great information!
Jessica, age 29

I like and appreciate the care that I receive. Great attitude! Very personable! I have recommended the office others!
Deb W

I have been to other DC’s and never had the relief I have had with the Gonstead method. I noticed improvement right away and was pain-free after the 3rd visit!
Dorothy D, age 74

I have been going to Chiropractors for years and this is the 1st time I can say I feel 100% better. I noticed improvement after the 1st visit and would definitely recommend your office to others.
Melinda F, age 28

I was very impressed with Dr. Blake Wayson’s concern and calming personality. I noticed improvement after the first visit and was great after the 2nd adjustment. I would recommend him to anyone!
Jo C, age 78

I have been to other Chiropractors before and I seemed to never get better. After seeing Dr. Wayson my symptoms have improved immensely, I noticed improvement after the first visit.
Kathy K, age 31

Shoulder / Midback pain:

Your office is very professional and personal, as well as knowledgeable in sharing Chiropractic terms and advice. I would definitely recommend your office to others.
Gene T, age 58

I noticed improvement maybe after the first visit! I appreciate how Dr. Wayson is willing to help me understand what he is doing. It helps me take responsibility for my own health. Dr. Wayson & his staff are very personable, also, which makes the whole experience positive.
Rose M, age 22

I was referred by Dr. Abernathy, a neurosurgeon, for pinched nerves in my upper back and numb legs. I noticed improvement with Dr. Wayson in 1-2 weeks! You won’t believe what he can help you with. I was receiving cortisone shots until my visit with Dr. Blake.
Male, age 39

Arthritis / Osteoporosis:

My health concern is my arthritis and pinched nerve in my left shoulder, with very intense pain. Dr. Wayson helped me within 3 weeks. Dr. Wayson and his staff are very caring and want to help always!
Marie M, age 84

I have chronic headaches/neck pain /SI joint pain. I have osteoporosis so I need optimal health as far as related to skeletal matters. I noticed marked improvement first week and I have seen a chiropractor (different method) on a regular basis.
Kathy C, age 58


The pain in hips disturbed sleep. Some twisting of body from time to time made driving long trips uncomfortable. Pain in buttocks area limited walking distances. It took only days to notice improvement after starting care with Dr. Wayson.
Ann B., age 59

Knee Pain:

My right leg was very uncomfortable – some numbness in my foot & the back of my knee very painful. Overall week & stiff. This is the first time I was shown a view of my spine and was fully explained where my problem lies. Only the areas that [were misaligned] were treated.
Lenora D, age 78