The Best Results for your Health

Why Do Patients (& why should you) See Us?Looking at xray

Patients may initially seek care at our office from hearing our current patients share the results they’ve had or due to a new or persistent pain that they’ve “tried everything else” to get rid of. Many times that means taking medication repeatedly which masks the pain or seek other treatments that temporarily relieve some soreness. At Wayson Family Chiropractic we offer an natural, honest fix to the underlying problem, a spinal or joint misalignment irritating the disc & putting pressure on nearby nerves.

How is that possible?

Through the use of the Gonstead Technique, the doctor carefully analyses your spine for the root your problem & specifically adjusts only the vertebrae of your spine that need corrected. The purpose of the specific Gonstead adjustment is to achieve proper spinal bone placement, relieving irritation to surrounding nerves & restoring health and mobility of the adjacent vertebral discs. Symptoms resolve & you experience true health! Click on our Gonstead & First Visit link for more details.


Why do Patients Stay With Us?

The patients that start for pain relief are the most amazed to see other daily symptoms disappear, finding out that chiropractic care is for more than just back pain! Every function of your body takes place because of a message from your brain traveling down your spinal cord, out the spinal nerves and to specific tissues and organs in your body. When a vertebra is out of alignment, this causes irritation to the adjacent nerves carrying your vital brain messages! Like a kink in a hose, the message does not fully transmit to the organ or tissue it innervates. That’s like operating at 0-50% all day! You then feel specific pain or symptoms like indigestion, high blood pressure or allergies (see list below). What’s worse is that it often takes weeks or months of having a subluxation (misalignment) to experience any symptoms at all!



What To Do?

Contact us! Being checked for proper alignment and nerve health, like brushing your teeth or routine eye exams, is the best recipe for the entire family for true health! Come see for yourself, a consultation with our Chiropractors is always free! Check out the many reports of results in our Reviews & Testimonials webpage.