Allergies / Sinus Infections

I started coming to Blake after I lost my health insurance. I was having chronic sinus problems, but could no longer afford to go to a [medical] clinic. After meeting Blake through the Waterloo Jaycees he explained how Chiropractic could help alleviate the pain. So I gave it a try. Since I started seeing Blake, I have not needed to go to a clinic for a sinus infection! Every time I feel pressure in my face I make an appointment and it feels better within hours! Thanks Blake!!

Female, 28


I am 55 years old and, until a few months ago, had never been to a chiropractor. As you might expect, Dr. Wayson had a bit of “catching up” to do in term s of repairing my various “vertebral subluxations”. Coincidentally, about the time we finished with a series of spinal adjustments, the fall hay fever season was coming into full bloom. I have suffered since I was in my 20′s from environmental allergies, especially from ragweed in the fall and tree pollens in the spring. Like always, as late August rolled around, I stocked up on my expensive prescription medications — antihistamines, nasal sprays and eye drops.

This season, however, the medications seemed to be causing me more aggravation than allergy relief. The antihistamines, uncharacteristically, were causing unpleasant side effects, and the nasal spray was causing sore throats an sinus irritation. So I quit taking the antihistamines first, and a week later I quit taking the nasal spray, and as I write this–even thought it is still in the heart of hay fever season– I am experiencing only the slightest of allergies symptoms, and certainly not enough to require medications.

I remember, at my first visit, that Dr. Wayson said this chronic sinus conditions were greatly relieved when he started getting treated by a chiropractor while still in college. Apparently (I have no other way to explain it), the overall improved health I’m experiencing from the spinal adjustment has had a positive effect on my sinus allergies as well. For the first September in many years I’m sitting here using absolutely no allergy medications and experiencing barely a trace of hay fever symptoms!.

Will my good fortune resume in the spring, when tree pollens normally give me fits over about a 6 week period? I don’t know, but I’m anxious to find out. If so, I’ll be greatly relieved, and very grateful to my chiropractor!

Male, 55

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