Low Back / Hip / Leg / Sciatica Pain

I had pain in my hips down through my right leg. The pain was causing me to limp and some days I had to crawl up stairs. I started missing work because it was too painful to stand or walk. I noticed improvement the very first treatment I received at Wayson Family Chiropractic! I felt sooo much better! Thank you Dr. Thad Fever for giving me a pain free life again!

Female, 46


I was in an accident 13 years ago and have been in pain ever since. I thought the issue was with my weight so I would work to take it off but still hurt. When I went to Dr. Wayson I learned that one of my disks between my shoulder was messed up due to my accident and my lower back pain came from a disk being out of place. In less than two months I am more mobile than I have been in almost 13 years. I cannot thank Dr. Wayson enough and would recommend Wayson Family Chiropractic to anyone.

Female, 31


I am finally free of lower back/hip pain after years of living (or not really living at all) with it. The problems interfered with my daily routine big time and I noticed great improvement after the 2nd visit. I would highly recommend your office to others.

Female, 58


I just wanted to thank you for helping with my hip and leg pain. I found out about your office and the Gonstead method from a colleague. I first came to you a month ago with hip and leg pain. My main concern was to control the pain I was having and get off the pain medication my family physician had prescribed. I was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t walk farther than 100 feet with out having to stop due to the pain. You collected a history from me. Using a meter that sensors heat you were able to pinpoint exactly which spot was causing my problem. You took x-rays as part of your assessment. With the first adjustment I saw an instant improvement of 50% in the amount of pain I was experiencing. By the second adjustment I saw a decrease in pain of 75%. It got me off the pain killers. I guess you would say I had always been a skeptic when it came to chiropractors. But, I was in so much pain I figured “what the heck, what do I have to lose?” I am so glad I came. I have already recommended you to several people. I also brought my 16 year old daughter who has had back pain off and on for 2-1/2 years in to see you. You helped her with the first adjustment. You are the 4th chiropractor she has seen in 2-1/2 years. She says you were able to figure out from your assessment exactly what she needed. She says you are the best she has seen. This is the most improvement she has seen. Our insurance does not pay for chiropractic services (it should) and I must say you are very affordable. I would have paid more in medications and co-pays to see the family physician plus my pain is better and you can’t put a price tag on that. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks…from a former skeptic.

Female, 58


Dr. Wayson has helped my back more than any other Chiropractor in my past. I used to have constant irritation and I noticed improvement after the first adjustment.

Male, 77


I had gone for help at the pain clinic and neuro doctors and gotten some short term help but not a plan of care that gave relief from my pain on a day to day basis.I really appreciate the non-invasive care that gives me pain free days. I would definitely recommend your office to others.

Female, 66


My sciatic nerve and low back pain was relieved after just two appts! Dr. Blake is a very honest professional who informs patient and lets them decide on next appt. … doesn’t force – recommends.



I thought I had to live with low back problems all my life. After [my] first visit I received relief. After 8 days low back problem was 75-80% better. After one more visit I have not had any low back problems now for almost 1 year. Blake and the Gonstead Method have changed my life. I no longer have neck problems either. When I do have a flare up I know I can get it fixed in one appointment.

Female, 39


Two years ago I suffered severe lower back pain. I was unable to function at work, bend over, [and experienced] back spasms and many sleepless nights for approximately 7 weeks. During this time I made several visits to my doctor, specialist (concerning any other medical issues), and [previous] chiropractor. I was ready for back surgery. I gave Dr. Wayson a try to appease my wife. After only two treatments with Blake, I was back to normal. I have not had these symptoms since. Incredible! We have also had wonderful experience there with our children. The only place I trust bringing my family.

Male, 32


I have been dealing with lower back pain for over a year now, sometimes so bad I can’t function at work, home etc. I would always have to think about how I did certain movements in order not to irritate my back. I had been seeing another chiropractor during this time, but he didn’t seem to [be] helping my lower back for more than a few days. Someone then referred me to Blake at Wayson Family Chiropractic and I have seen him two times this week and the difference I feel is nothing short of amazing!!! I hardly have any pain, I’m sleeping better at night, I can make it through a workout, let alone the day without constant pain. I’m ecstatic to start my day now and I owe it all to Blake Wayson! Thank you so much!!

Female, 29

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